The Sabertooth’s Promise


The days are getting colder, and food is growing more scarce for Aiyre, a pronghorn shapeshifter, and her clan as they prepare for another long, hard winter. To make matters worse, a neighboring clan of shapeshifting sabertooths is causing problems and encroaching on their hunting grounds. When tragedy strikes her village, Aiyre will find herself turning for help to the most unlikely of places. But can she ever really trust the word of a sabertooth? 

Daerk knows that the pressure between the sabertooth and pronghorn clan is coming to a head, but he’s hesitant to challenge his leader without the backing of his people. His plans change after he meets a woman from the pronghorn clan whose tantalizing scent leaves him with a sneaking suspicion that she’s his mate. He’ll do anything to protect her, even tear his own clan in two. There’s only one problem he can’t face. Will she ever love him in return?


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