The Royally Broke Billionaire: Royal Wedding Blues

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Her brothers are prominent billionaires, and his kingdom is in financial trouble. She wants him. He needs her, but he loves her best friend. Will their secrets leave them all royally blue?

Tess Donovan is a smart, classy, opinionated, and independent woman. She has always dreamed of marrying a handsome prince, and suddenly, that lifelong wish is within reach.

Prince Pierce Huntington Astor III is about to take the throne of the kingdom he loves. His father’s gambling addiction has depleted the once-extravagant riches of their lush island paradise, leaving his son with a royal mess.

Tess expects the prince to sweep her off her feet. Imagine her surprise when he instead falls for her loud, klutzy, and decidedly un-royal best friend Mo.

Prince Pierce knows Tess is the woman that can save his beloved kingdom, but his heart wants ill-suited Mo. Mo adores the prince, but she’s a tomboy at heart, so she’s not keen on the royal rules and strict expectations that go along with being his bride.

These three are royally at odds.

Can they all get what they want? Or, will their secrets ruin everything? Find out now by listening to The Royally Broke Billionaire: Royal Wedding Blues.

This delightful billionaire and royal mash-up romance can be listened to as a stand-alone or as the fourth book in The Broke Billionaires Club Series. Live the dazzling high life in this sweet-with-heat billionaire royalty romance. Get it now.

1 review for The Royally Broke Billionaire: Royal Wedding Blues

  1. JoAnn Thompson

    Hmm… Well, this is the 4th book in The Broke Billionaires Club Series. While I immensely enjoyed the previous books in this series, this particular book really wasn’t my cup of tea. Granted, the actual story line was cute and had lots of surprises, Unfortunately, I listened with more and more disgust at the antics and demeanor of two of what I would call the most spoiled young adult ladies who had the now pervasive “it’s all about me” — “no one is going to tell me what to do” — “there is no way I’ll follow rules no matter what” attitudes. The boy’s revelation near the end of the book was not at all surprising if you happened to pay attention. The anger being spewed by Tess at this revelation is disturbing, disappointing, and uncalled for—especially when her brothers and future sisters-in-law try to convince her that all may not be what it seems and to use a bit of common sense. In closing, this book may perhaps be the perfect romance story for today’s modern teens and young adults who now sport this so-called “enlightened” and “entitled” attitude. I do not recommend this story to older readers who still abide by what they were taught while they were growing up—in a world that valued proper etiquette, social niceties, and the ability to think rationally. The upcoming next book in this series promises to have surprises–I can’t wait to listen!!

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