The Rise of the Underworld

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The finale in the epic Of Shadows and Fire duet.  

“The mating call is in my blood, too,” he whispered, his face twisting with restraint and pure male lust. “My control is slipping.” 

“Should I run?” I purred. “Maybe you should run.” 

“There’s nowhere to run, for either of us,” he promised darkly. 

I can’t forgive his betrayal, yet my body answers to his mating call. 

The dirty truth about my fourth mate, a demigod druid, cut me bone deep. 

To prevent an apocalypse on Earth, he had me kidnapped and taken to the Underworld. There, I was raised as a warrior slave and trained to battle the Dark Lord. 

I do not care how hard it was for him to send me away, the woman he treasures most. I do not feel sorry that his heart bleeds for me every second of every day. He robbed me of my birthright and the power to carve my own destiny. 

I vow never to forgive him, even though he’s finally come to bring me home, even as he fights alongside me with my other immortal lovers. 

Yet my body craves his every scorching touch and refuses to deny my destined mate. 

This full-length reverse harem fantasy romance contains brutal battles, explicit love scenes, curses, magic, dark fae, vampires, shifters, demigod, fallen angels, and a lot of demon assholes.

1 review for The Rise of the Underworld

  1. Mia Harper

    The continuation from book 1 was seemless, with non stop action and steamy interludes, and impossible to put down! I loved the tie in to the previous series ‘The First Witch’, but the situation with Merlin felt unfinished will there be a book 3 or another series? This was an amazing read, with fantastic characters and wonderful narration. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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