The Rise of Sturd (Coal Elf Chronicles Book 2)

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Upon completing her first Big Night assignment of delivering coal to all the kids on the naughty list, coal elf Ember Skye thought all was well at the North Pole. She no longer has to slave away mining coal, and her arch-nemesis – the demonic and evil elf, Sturd – has seemingly been stripped of his power and relegated to obscurity.

But you just can’t keep a bad elf down. 

Sturd’s accidental discovery of an ancient text sends him on a mission that may very well change life at the Pole as they all know it. His unexpected rise in power potentially could lead to unbridled chaos that would threaten the very existence of the Big Night, the North Pole, and even Claus himself. 

Return to the North Pole where Ember and all the coal elves will soon realize never to underestimate the corrupting temptation of unrivaled power. Unfortunately for them, it may be too late…


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