The Reunion


A strange thing happens at David Wilson’s 20th high school reunion: the homecoming queen dies. That was as unexpected as David’s arrest for her murder a week later. 

A popular high school biology teacher, David and his wife Lisa are caught up in a fast-paced life in Phoenix with two jobs and two kids. Drugs, bullying, adultery, and abortion are underlying tensions that fester and drive wedges between family members. With the Wilsons falling apart, his reunion seemed an oasis of calm. 

At least, that’s what David had hoped for. Instead he faces interrogations and accusations from friend and foe alike. Lisa wants to believe in her husband’s innocence but too many fingers are pointing his way. She questions everything she thought she knew about David and his past. But her past is as traumatic as his and the danger she faces is real as she slogs through a myriad of lies. 

Was the baby his? Was the friendly neighborhood priest a little too friendly? The homecoming queen’s father and best friend are not helpful as Lisa endeavors to find out what really happened that night. 

The answers she discovers are not the ones she sought and they wobble her existence more than she could have ever imagined.


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