The Return of the O’Connells

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A family reconciling their troubled past. A new enemy emerges. Will this unsettling development ruin the O’Connell’s hard-earned harmony?

“You know what, big brother? Just remember what it felt like when everyone in town turned against Mom, against Marcus, against all of us, convicting us of something we hadn’t done. Be mindful you don’t join a witch hunt against Rosemary.She didn’t do anything. She’s not responsible for what Ben did.” ~ Luke O’Connell

Will life ever return to normal?

That’s the question everyone in the O’Connell family has asked since their lives were turned upside down by a murder charge. With their father now back from the dead, the O’Connells are coming to grips with the idea that justice isn’t equal. But despite the pending arrival of a new grandchild, and the fact that the family is settling into a new identity, trouble seems to always be one step away. This time, it could come from within, as a shadowy new enemy has found its way into the close-knit family and could ultimately destroy the bond the siblings share, forcing them to finally cut their losses and walk away from one another.


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