The Rancher’s Widowed Bride (Birch River Brides #7)

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There is no telling where love will lead you in life. All you can do is hold on, and enjoy the ride.

Quincy Birchwood has big plans.

With her family in Pennsylvania struggling, Quincy knows that it is up to her to marry well and solve their money issues.

Becoming a mail-order bride seems to be the quickest way to the altar, and when wealthy rancher Willy Powers reaches out to her, Quincy hopes that all her troubles will finally be solved.

After exchanging many letters between them, Quincy is ready to join Willy in Birch River, but her terrible fear of trains means she will need to come up with another plan to get there.

She decides to ride the long trek to Birch River herself on horseback, and yet the last thing she expects is for a different Powers brother to show up unexpectedly, claiming to be her escort.

Now that both of his parents have passed, Chase Powers is determined to make amends with his younger brother, Willy.

So, after years away, he has finally returned home to Birch River.

Willy seems more than happy to welcome Chase back home, and even offers him a job working on their family’s ranch.

There is just one catch.

Willy wants Chase to collect and deliver his mail-order bride to Birch River in his place.

Eager to rebuild trust back with his brother, Chase agrees to the plan.

After all, it is one final trip across the country to collect one mail-order bride for his brother? what could possibly go wrong?

1 review for The Rancher’s Widowed Bride (Birch River Brides #7)

  1. Misty

    I really liked this book. I thought the characters were well thought out and written. I liked how this was a 2 in one story. Sometimes I hate waiting for the next book…hoping it will be the next book. Interesting and a great story.

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