The Questing Beast

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Destiny won’t be denied….

All their lives, Dani and Perce Pellin have known they were different. Raised in the backwoods of Colorado by a paranoid mother who taught them to hunt and survive while filling their heads with haunting stories of a family curse involving a mythical beast, escaping to civilization, and seeing the world for themselves is all the twins have ever dreamed of doing.

But then a man named Grimm invites them to a meeting in LA, a meeting where they discover that they are not as alone in this world as they had imagined themselves to be.

Tasked with finding the blade of Llawfrodedd Farchog, one of the pieces of the Caeg Dimmre, Perce and Dani are sent back to the wilderness, this time deep into the heart of the Yukon Territories.

There they will discover that far more lurks in the woods than just bears and moose, and it will take all their skills to finish the quest.

For their mother wasn’t mad, and the cursed Beast is very real….

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2 reviews for The Questing Beast

  1. Darc Librarian

    At times this book frustrated me but overall it was a really good second book which advanced the plotline in spectacular fashion.

    The story revolves around the twins we had a brief introduction to in The Circle Gathers and the length they will go to for each other.

    The question asked is what if you had to live your whole life as someone you were not. All to keep the one you love more than life itself safe from harm. How far would a person go to protect that someone? Become someone completely different. Wear a mask every day of your life. What would be the cost to a soul.

    That is the question that Perce Pellin faces every day since given a prophecy many years ago which fortold Dani’s death.

    Now tasked with retrieving the blade of Llawfrodedd Farchog he has never felt so conflicted about who he has to be and the life he really wants to lead.

    Throw in demons, hellhounds and a mythical beast and you have a rollercoaster of a ride. Strap yourself in and enjoy yourself. I did!

    I am really getting to like Lawrence as a narrator he is excellent at character portrayal and really brings the story to life. Thoroughly recommended to lovers of good fantasy with more than a little snark!

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    Their mother had taught them that the Questing Beast was their family’s arch enemy. That it was out to kill them.
    However, they had been given a task to fulfill, a broken blade to find. That with all the wisdom passed to them from their Mother, the Lady of the Lake and their new Magician mentor, they left on their quest.

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