The Queen’s Protectors


One exiled queen. Three sworn protectors. A river of blood and vengeance. 

Living in exile since birth, Violet Sinclaire should never have been born. She is a half-blood descendent of royalty, and her existence was forbidden by the ancient immortals long ago. Now, the royals want her dead. 

As the one true queen of the shadow world, Violet has sworn to take back her throne and avenge her mother’s murder at any cost. First, she must choose her warriors, for they are her shields in battle; the armor that will keep her safe from the royal assassins. Determined that a half-breed will never own the throne, the royals have called for her blood. Little do they know that Violet has blood cravings of her own, and she’s coming for them.

A Throne of Blood is a reverse-harem fantasy romance series, and Mistress Violet is a queen with whom to be reckoned. This series contains graphic scenes of BDSM as well as MF, MFM, and MM+. This audiobook might not be your cup of tea, but you have been warned. Enter at your own risk. 


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