The Quarantine Drift


Sixteen years ago, an alien ship crashed into Carina Linderoth’s home. 

Sixteen years ago, she saw her twin sister for the last time. 

Since that night, Carina has spent every waking moment searching for answers. What happened to her sister? Why did the aliens take Sonja and not her? And why do people keep telling her she never had a twin sister—that Sonja isn’t real? 

Now, 16 years later, Carina is approached by a mysterious genetic research company. They want her to work on a top-secret project, genetically engineering the human race with Eluridan—alien—DNA.

For any geneticist, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

For Carina, it’s something more.

This is her chance to return to Mount Desert Island, the scene of the crash, home to the stranded aliens. Back to the place where this all began. This is her chance to finally learn what happened to her sister.

If Sonja ever existed at all.



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