The Quantum Protocol: A Joseph Michael Barber Thriller – Book 4


The Dragon is rising.

The Chinese Communist Party remains committed to global domination and relentless in its theft of America’s military secrets.

A secretive, high-tech company in central California named QuarkSpin has achieved a major breakthrough in a stunning technology — the development of a prototype quantum computer. A powerful US senator, chair of the Defense Appropriations Committee, has covertly engaged them to develop a military application, funding the R&D from a DOD black budget. The project is code-named The Quantum Protocol. Its objective — use the technology to unmask, from earth orbit, the ballistic-missile submarine fleets of our adversaries, presently prowling undetectable beneath the ocean surface. If successful, it would deprive the most reliable leg of the nuclear triad of its principle strategic advantage – stealth.

But all is not as it seems. The senator, lining his pockets with kickbacks, is unaware he is being played by America’s most formidable adversary. QuarkSpin is working with the Chinese Ministry of State Security to provide the technology to them, paid for with a multiple of the cash provided by the United States. QuarkSpin’s plan — deliver a working system to the Chinese and a sabotaged system to the US Department of Defense.

Joseph Michael Barber and Marcus Day are engaged by the US government to investigate a private equity company called PrinSafe, suspected of recent, high-profile acts of industrial treason. In the process, they discover the existence of QuarkSpin, its rogue subsidiary. Working with their friends at the CIA and FBI, Barber and Day begin to unravel the plot. What follows is more horrific than their wildest imagination – a new, nearly undetectable swam weapon capable of slicing a submarine in half, lethal wasps engineered through gain of function research, murder, treachery, treason, covert foreign paramilitary attacks on US soil, and worst of all, a frightening new technology that could change the status quo forever, destroying the global strategic balance.

From the halls of power in Washington, DC to Moscow to Beijing; from high earth orbit to deep beneath the ocean’s surface; from Venezuela to central California, The Quantum Protocol is a frightening look into the consequences of a breakthrough technology falling into the wrong hands.


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