The Pleasure Prince 2


Rob: I am a captive in this strange dark erotic castle, captive but not a prisoner. My overpowering attraction to Garth, the sexiest lad I’ve ever met, is what is holding me here, the darkly handsome Dolf is another master I wouldn’t mind serving…also there are mysteries here to be solved, lessons to be learned, kisses to steal and hearts to break, or so Mr. Winters, the butler, whispered to me as he undressed me… 

I am laying in a huge ornate golden bed with a man asleep next to me, a stranger who had his way with me all night. He whispered he loved me before he fell into exhausted post orgasmic slumber…I am not sure if it is morning yet, the mask he had me wear is still on my eyes, so all I see is black…but as I am picturing memories of how I came to be here in this castle of pleasures, the darkness is fine, like watching a movie of my strange adventures, starting with…. 

…the first morning I arrived, I was so awed by the grandeur of the palace, stunned by the splendor as I was led though the vast historical halls, rooms and corridors…. I felt like I was entering a fairytale, and I love fairytales. 



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