The Playwright’s Mail Order Leading Lady (Iron Creek Brides #10)

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You can travel the world, but love will always find its way to you.

From joining the army to please his father to going into business to help the man who saved his life, Harry Wallsey has lived his life for other people.

Now, Harry is content with his life in Iron Creek, helping run the newspaper he helped establish—but as a lover of poetry and literature, even this life is not one he ever wanted.

Yet, Harry soon realizes that Iron Creek is a town full of stories, and where else could he find inspiration than with the many couples who have found love there?

And so, Harry follows their lead, replying to listings in the matrimonial sections of newspapers, hoping to find a muse of his own.

To the outside world, Caitlynn Smith is living a life most people can only dream of.

But with fame, beauty, and success all her own—Caitlynn still longs for more.

Desperate for a life of adventure, she accepts a place with a traveling theater company.

But life on the road is lonely, with no real friends to talk to.

So, Caitlynn decides to advertise in a newspaper, hoping to find some companionship—and she is thrilled when Harry answers her letter.

As their friendship grows with each letter they exchange, Caitlyn and Harry are soon determined to meet.

But when Caitlynn’s theater tour finally arrives in Iron Creek, will things remain the same between them?

Or are all their hopes for the future about to fall apart before it has even begun?

The Playwright’s Mail Order Leading Lady is a charming story of overcoming all the challenges that come with distance and love. Will Caitlynn and Harry find a way to make their friendship and tenderness for each other last? And what will it mean for their future, when Caitlynn’s theater company hits the road once more?


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