The Pigeon Project

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One of the most popular books by arguably the most popular novelist of the late 70s & 80s, The Pigeon Project was prophetic in its main plot point–the search for prolonged life for mankind, & the efforts of the powerful to politicize it & control it.

The secret. Every man and woman dreamed of it. 

Now it’s within reach…and they’ll do anything to possess it. 

The screen goddess. The contessa. The wily priest. The American public-relations man looking for a cause. And his lover who may die for it. 

They are all caught between life’s wildest dream…and death.

1 review for The Pigeon Project

  1. Jennifer Hanlon

    This book has a lot of action, suspense, romance, and the villain is well done. It’s a great book to listen to in the garden:)

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