The Pastor’s Mail Order Surprise (Birch River Brides Book 1)

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She thought God had forgotten her, until a pastor reached out from Wyoming and offered her a brand-new life. But can she let go of the memories she left behind to love again?

Missy Stanton believes her life is over when her husband, Tommy, dies in a tragic work accident in the railyards of Boston. Alone in the city with no family and worse prospects, she turns to the Matrimonial Times in a moment of weakness. There, she meets Pastor Jack Tibsdale, who offers her a home in a place in Birch River, Wyoming, in return for her hand in marriage.

Jack Tibsdale loves being a pastor, but it can be a lonely life, especially in a mining town like Birch River. With every woman married in town already, Jack must turn to writing to a mail-order bride. Touched by her plight, he offers her a marriage out of friendship but soon realizes that her kind soul and beautiful face is exactly what he was looking for.

After a quick marriage, Jack and Missy slowly get to know each other as Missy navigates her grief. Just as she believes that she may have a future in the beautiful town of Birch River, she discovers that she is carrying Tommy’s child. Falling in love with the kind, handsome pastor, she begins to worry: How can she tell this man that she’s having another man’s baby?

With time running out, and two hearts on the line, will Missy and Jack learn to trust in God’s plan.

3 reviews for The Pastor’s Mail Order Surprise (Birch River Brides Book 1)

  1. Danny Harr

    This is book one in this series. And a great start. Jack is a preacher and single and there is no wemon around. Jack writes to a mail order bride service and gets a surprise. Missy is in a tight spot and her husband has been killed. She answers Jack’s letter . I don’t want to spoil it for you. So I’ll just say they meet and it’s very Interesting . There is action in this book with a robbery and a kidnapping . Jack is a caring and understanding person he seems like he is perfect for a percher. Missy should be more trusting. Keeping secrets almost cost her everything. Gina Dobbs does an excellent job narrating this book. I hope she does the rest in this series. I received a copy of this book from audiobooks unleashed but that has no influence on my review.

  2. Misty

    AHhhhh such a good story. I think writing the first book in a series is probably the hardest. You have to set everything up. The town. The people. The vibe. The scenery. This is a great start off to a new series. I love the town and its residents. I cannot wait for more books to see how this town grows. The characters this author has created are fantastic. She has really developed them well and I can’t wait to read more about them.

  3. Benita Dilley

    Authors Rose and Whitsby present a more actively Christian story wherein a young widowed orphan faces eviction and runs to the arms of a Wyoming minister to flee homelessness and starvation, even while she bears a secret. Clean
    Christian. Hopeful.

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