The Other Side of Midnight

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The sense of foreboding came out of nowhere. It was so strong that I couldn’t even speak at first. My eyes lifted in horror to Blair’s smiling face. “Death stalks you tonight,” I warned. “Stay inside your house. Don’t go out for anything.”

Clarissa was just pretending to be a fortune teller for the school carnival until she made an eerie prediction of danger that came true. Damien survived the vicious attack but began to exhibit strange behavior.

Werewolf romance

2 reviews for The Other Side of Midnight

  1. JoAnn Thompson

    Great Story!! This story immediately captured my interest. The romance and suspenseful plot line were intriguing, and I found myself not wanting to stop listening! I totally fell in love with Damien—he was so sweet and understanding—even though he had been cruelly turned into a shifter wolf through no fault of his own. Clarissa was a bit of a wishy-washy snob who kind of irked me throughout the story with all her self-doubt and distrust of Damien’s true feelings. Overall, the entire cast of characters in this story were perfect in this exciting plot. Sarah Sampino is one of my favorite narrators, and she did an excellent job in bringing this story to life.

  2. Tera Comer

    An interesting story about werewolves & magic that follows several characters during the changes that they go through while dealing with a rogue wolf. I Love this narrator and wish that I could get my text to speech voice to sound like her with all the different changes she can do for the different characters.

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