The Other Core: A Dungeon Core Epic, Station Cores Book 5

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Milton, Brint, Whisp, and the Guardian Guild are back in the conclusion to the Station Cores series!

After the events that previously occurred near the northeastern border of the Kingdom, Milton has a lot of work to do. Not only does the Station Core have to hide his dungeon from the rampaging hordes originating from the Quizard Mountains, but he has to find somewhere to put thousands of children who are heading towards his dungeon for safety.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Milton also has to find a place for millions of other citizens to live; even though they don’t even know who or what the Station Core is, they are counting on him to keep them safe. With that safety, though, comes a chance at something that they never thought they’d have: power…and revenge.

Milton isn’t just going to build more habitations for them to stay comfortably in his new Underground Kingdom; no, he has a proposition for them that they would be fools to ignore. The acquisition of new abilities means that the need for an immediate education on how to control those new powers is paramount. Strangely enough, it’s time for some new students to enroll in Milton’s new Guardian University.

But will they be able to learn well and fast enough to get the revenge they seek? In the end, they’ll have to – especially if they want to take on and defeat the army fielded by…the other Core.

Contains litRPG and gamelit elements such as level progression and experience, optional tables, no harems, and a heavy dungeon core emphasis.

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1 review for The Other Core: A Dungeon Core Epic, Station Cores Book 5

  1. Phillip

    I received a free review copy.

    Having suffered a loss at the hands of the horde of monsters from the Quizard Mountains, Milton brings back the Proctans and trains them for the final battle against their enemies.

    I enjoyed listening to this book. If you liked the previous books in the series, I recommend listening to this one too. It features small training fights as well as a large epic battle.

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