The Orion Affair


In the wake of a catastrophic terrorist attack on a beloved American icon, Walt Disney World, the President vows “never again”. A new covert government anti-terrorist group is established, buried deep inside the National Security Agency. Its mission – stop the next terrorist attack before it happens. Their remit is to do whatever it takes, and there are no rules. Frightening new technologies are leveraged to spy on terrorists and everyday citizens alike in pursuit of public safety. And the government deploys a new and deadly offensive weapon against terrorists operating on US soil – a domestic strike drone disguised as a civilian aircraft to mask its mission. 

Joseph Michael Barber, the CEO of his own security firm, Orion Bellicus, is drawn into the government’s web of deceit and incompetence when he is asked to investigate the deaths of a dear friend’s wife and children during a botched terrorist attack near Detroit, Michigan. Barber, the son of a Vietnam-era Navy sniper and a former special forces operator himself, will draw on all of his skills, training and the enormous smarts of the people working for him at Orion Bellicus to untangle the web. What he finds is astonishing and beyond his worst fears. 

Mistakes are made, innocent people are murdered, and the Constitution gets shredded as the new government agency becomes more focused on plausible deniability and self-preservation than protecting the American people. 

From the distant mirror of the Vietnam delta to the Middle East; from South America to San Francisco; and from mainland China to Washington DC, The Orion Affair delivers heart-pounding action ripped from today’s headlines. 


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