The Oklahoma Wastelands Series: The Complete Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Box Set

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When Regan was a young girl living in the small town of Altus, OK, Kellan was just her brother’s best friend. Then the virus came, turning the world’s population into zombies, and he became so much more. They were only kids, but he saved her. Watched over her. Kept her alive. And nine years of living in the Oklahoma wastelands hasn’t changed that. Fighting both zombies and men, overcoming loss and heartbreak, and clinging to secrets that could rip their world apart, Regan and Kellan must work together to survive when a new and deadly group moves into the area. 

Set in the same universe as the Broken World series, this new and exciting zombie apocalypse series explores what’s happening in other parts of the country. With an exciting new cast characters, as well as a few familiar faces, The Oklahoma Wastelands series will have zombie apocalypse lovers begging for more! 

1 review for The Oklahoma Wastelands Series: The Complete Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Box Set

  1. Mia Harper

    This series sank its hooks into me right from the start, and kept me rivetted throughout, and tho’ 30+ hours seems a lot I was still desperate for more when I finished – clutching a box of tissues. The story really pulled at my feelings, making me laugh and cry, and feeling mad as hell at Andrew the villain, Kellan and Reagan’s romance was lovely without dominating the plot. This was action packed, and fast paced and I fell in love with the characters quickly, I liked that it coincided with ‘Broken World’ and some of the characters appeared, with some great insight ino Emma and brady’s lives in the included short stories. I loved this series and highly recomend it, it fully deserved the 5 stars across the board, with fantastic narration by Heather as always. I received this book it exchange for my honest review.

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