The Night Stockers


** Narrator’s Note: The Night Stockers has some pretty explicit content. It’s also explicitly hilarious and fun and nostalgic. This was my second book with Triana– after Toxic Love I thought I knew what to expect (Here on AU in case we have some codes left for you). He and Harding definitely deliver on the Splatterpunk, but there is also a ton of laughs and nods to the 90s in here. Absolutely worth a listen! Or two! As always, please leave a review on Amazon or Audible. It helps us be seen and to continue to do the work we love. **


Attention shoppers!

The employees of the Freshway grocery store aren’t too happy about having to do an overnight shift, but they’re about to be even unhappier. Their rival store, Devil’s Food, is about to lay siege upon them with extreme prejudice. This is no ordinary grocery chain. Devil’s Food is run by a cult of murderous Satanists committed to killing the competition – literally.

Armed with hatchets, knives, maces and motorcycles, they enter the store and start picking off their victims in the most ghastly and depraved ways possible. The Freshway’s only chance of survival is to fight, and this leads to a bloody battle royal of crazed cashiers, knife-wielding demo ladies, brutal butchers, and teenage clerks determined to make their favorite death metal albums come true.

The Night Stockers is a gory horror comedy by Splatterpunk Award-Winning authors Kristopher Triana and Ryan Harding, the men who brought you Full Brutal and Genital Grinder. Filled with bone-crushing carnage and the heaviest metal, this one promises customer satisfaction.


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