The Nevermore (The Never Mind Trilogy, Book 2)


Two sisters. One thirsty for power. The other drained of her powers. 

Now that her memory has been restored, Astrid knows exactly who she is. She is Princess Astrid of Oceali – no longer the Silent Princess. Her mother died, years ago, helping Astrid escape a life of misery in a facility. Her mother died because of her sister, Princess Vega. 

Astrid also knows exactly where she is. Not in her remarkable home on the Isle of the Never Mind, but she and her friends are being held captive in her old home, deep within the bowels of the palace. 

This is Vega’s handiwork. Vega is desperate to get her hands on the healing waters. The waters that not only restored Astrid’s voice, but had also given her the supernatural power to influence people with her words – powers that have since been snatched away by the soldier who claimed to love her. 

Secreted away in the palace dungeons, it doesn’t take long for Astrid to realize one important detail: The king has no idea what’s going on in his own palace. But why the secrecy? Why go to such great lengths to keep Astrid’s presence a secret? And who else would Vega be willing to destroy in order to protect her secret? 

Astrid isn’t willing to hang around to find out. Her only hope is to escape and get word to the king. Then again, since she’s trapped in a palace with no allies and no superpowers, it seems Astrid has no hope at all.


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