The Never Mind Trilogy – The Collection


One crown. Two princesses. Three audiobooks to tell their story.

Princess Astrid and Princess Vega are identical in every way—except that one was born near perfect, the other “deficient,” being born mute. By age six, their fates are sealed.

Vega will be the next queen. Astrid, the silent princess, will spend the rest of her days rotting away in a facility. It is a time when the planet has been ravaged by global warming. Famine and disease demand drastic measures to preserve resources that are already stretched paper thin. The only thing standing between Astrid and the facility, a mother’s love.

One day, Astrid wakes with no memory. No awareness of her royal blood. No recollection of the harrowing journey she just survived that brought her to safety and her new home: The Isle of the Never Mind. Very few know of its secret. In the heart of the island, a healing spring. Waters that, if consumed, have the ability to heal any ailment. But for the deficient, it gives them supernatural abilities.

On the Never Mind, Astrid develops new gifts, a new family, and a new home. She is content to live out her days as a blissfully happy teenager on this little slice of paradise. On the other hand, secret islands have a way of being found. And a long lost princess will eventually find her way to the throne, or die trying.

The Never Mind Trilogy: The Collection, is the compilation of all three audiobooks: The Never Mind, The Nevermore, and The Never Reign, capturing the entire journey of Princess Astrid and her menage of misfit friends.


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