The Naked Truth: The Complete Collection

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Brent has been in disguise for so long that hiding his true feelings becomes second nature. Married with kids, he keeps his secret longings at bay and tucked neatly in the closet. Yet, there is always a part of him wondering if his college fling was just innocent fun or something much more. 

Now, with a new sexy, Irish, and completely out-of-the-closet boss at work, who seems to have an eye for Brent, he’s about to find out what his deepest, darkest feelings are really all about…. 


1 review for The Naked Truth: The Complete Collection

  1. J Reed

    This is the first story I’ve listened to by this author. I liked the characters. I feel the story flow is consistent. It appears Brent has always known that he is gay. He is just afraid to admit it even to himself. His college experience wasn’t all it should have been and he has tried to live the “normal” life with wife and kids but finds his attraction is there. When he gets a new boss, who he is instantly attracted to, it makes he deal with coming out. I think the author did a good job and making Brent a feeling person. He struggles with what he feels for his wife and kids. The only thing I wish is that the ending would have been a little deeper. It is probably just my preference because the author answers everything. All the issues are dealt with including a couple ex’s. The narrator, James Talbot, did a great job of bring the characters to life.

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