The Missing Father


A father vanishes. A family grieves. But will his son’s decision to track him down cost them their lives?

“Mystery, suspense, kidnappings, trauma…fantastic read…my favorite story 

in this series.” Judith T.

Eighteen years ago, Luke O’Connell’s father was there one day, gone the next. His mother sat him and his siblings down and told them their father was gone, it was just them now, and they wouldn’t be seeing him again. But Luke never believed his father could just walk away from a family he’d said he loved. Now, from his role within a secretive military organization, he uses the intelligence he can access to follow leads on his father, but each is a dead end.

Luke finds himself endlessly embroiled in deadly missions from secret bases, posing as a civilian for front companies, and tracking national enemies to capture or kill. But now, his questions have brought trouble back with him onto US soil, all the way to his hometown—and ultimately, his quest might put his family in the line of fire.


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