The Millennial Way

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Do X, Y, and Z and you’ll accomplish your dream in 90 days!

The internet is littered with this garbage.

Author Declan Wilson doesn’t want to contribute to the noise, and that’s what sets The Millennial Way: Step Up, Step Out, Step Forward apart from all other self-help books.

Declan shares the unique stories of five millennials and weaves them into a framework anyone can use to guide their journey.

No easy steps. No fluff. Just real authentic journeys.

Are you happy with your life?

Baby boomer, Generation X, Millennial – no matter what age group you identify with, one common thread remains: at some point in our life, we feel stuck. Maybe you aren’t happy with your life’s trajectory. Maybe you are sick of settling for complacency. Maybe you still have unfulfilled dreams.

A few degree shift is all you need to course correct.

This book is your booster to get back on track to chasing the life you want.



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