The Mail-Order Cowboy’s Second Chance (Iron Creek Brides, Book 12)


Is the promise of a future filled with love and happiness enough to overwrite history…or is it impossible to escape the claws of your past?

After spending eight years in jail, Elias Groves is struggling to make a life for himself…. After all, there aren’t many people willing to hire someone convicted of bank robbery.

No matter how many times he moves and attempts a fresh start, Elias can’t escape his past, and unable to find stable work, the idea of a wife and a family seems to be slipping further and further from his reach. When his friend suggests perusing advertisements in the paper to find a woman looking for a husband, he’s not convinced.

Nonetheless, Marta’s ad catches his attention, and he finds himself drawn to write to her. As they begin to exchange letters, he starts imagining that one day he might meet her in person. Perhaps he can keep his past hidden and she’ll never need to learn of his dark history.

But just as he begins to allow himself to hope, Elias is threatened by an angry local rancher, and it seems he’ll need to move on again…. A fate that might have seemed inviting if he’d known the extent of the danger waiting for him around the corner.

When Elias and Marta finally meet, they find their relationship to be far more than either of them had allowed themselves to dream… But trouble is on the horizon, and Elias can’t guarantee that he has a future of freedom ahead of him, much less anything to offer a wife.

Will Elias be able to keep his freedom…and will Marta ever be able to trust him when he’s already withheld so much from her?


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