The Magical Hunt

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The hunt is only beginning, and magic swirls within it keeping them both on the right path, and leading them astray….

Malediction has claimed Princess Elodie of Zelnon and her friends. They must fight to escape even when it seems like they are living in an endless curse. Through each battle they take one step closer to their ultimate goal – home. What is lost is their key to returning to Zelnon, and her rightful place on the throne. There are two different paths, both desired, but one will bring her home – the other could lead to her downfall. 

Some prophesies are self-fulfilling, and Elodie must be careful she doesn’t make her worst fears happen. She has many decisions to mistake – and once they’re in Zelnon the true battle will begin. Along with the duties of her kingdom she must also discern the means to her happiness. Does she believe in love, and if so, who does she give her heart to?

1 review for The Magical Hunt

  1. Anna

    The former book ended on another cliff-hanger and I was looking forward to the final one. Princess Elodie has to fight her way back home and I enjoyed her development a lot. It was exciting to follow her facing her feelings and herself. She still has to choose between her knight and her prince and I could feel her insecurity. Over the three books I learned more about her companions and the different type of love she developed for both of them.
    The world building reminds of a fairytale, but it is dark and dangerous. The author Down Brower creates dangerous creatures; I enjoyed her creativity a lot. The question “who is to trust?” hovers over all.
    The end felt a little bit rushed for me, but I got answers to all my questions.
    Over all I enjoyed this series a lot and was surprised by the world building and the character development.
    Every audiobook in this series got a different narrator. This one is narrated by Christopher Boozell. I love his deep and gentle voice.

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