The Luck of Rainbow Gold (What’s in a Name?)

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Twenty-eight year old Rainy has lived a charmed life. Seriously. She inherited her granny’s cute picket-fence-lined house, her tea shop just seems to run itself, and guys flock to her (if not the wrong sort). After her latest relationship ends just like all the rest of them, Rainy’s best friend, Sunny, decides that maybe she’s lucky, except in love. With this realization, Rainy goes about changing her luck to find a guy that’ll stick. When she meets Adam, it looks like her luck in love has changed. However, as she and Adam get hot and heavy, the rest of her life begins to fall apart. Can this go-with-the-flow chick see the truth in her so-called luck, soon enough to save what really matters?

1 review for The Luck of Rainbow Gold (What’s in a Name?)

  1. Coolestmommy R

    Rainy leads a charmed and lucky life…except in love. When she decides to see if she can change her luck in love, it seems to be working…until all her luck in life seems to instantly disappear. Can a girl be lucky in life AND in love? Or will she have to pick one over the other? A crazy fun read with a romance that has you cheering for Rainy to gain her luck back…and her man!

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