The Lonely Sheriff’s Mail Order Bride (Birch River Brides, Book 2)

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Marry well. Start a family. Make them all proud. What more could you want?

Having grown up as the youngest child in an affluent and socially prominent family, Tabatha Martin understands what her parents expect from their only daughter. But, the life of a frivolous high-society socialite is the last thing Tabatha wants, and the mounting pressure from her parents for her to marry is quickly becoming unbearable.

Tabatha longs for a life of her own. So, when she finds an advertisement seeking a mail-order bride for a sheriff, Tabatha thinks that maybe this could be her chance at a new beginning.

As the sheriff of Birch River, Donald Ross knows his role and purpose in the world. Yet something is still missing from his life—someone for him to share it with. After placing an advertisement for a mail-order bride leaves him overrun with replies, it isn’t until he receives Tabatha’s letter that Donald finally feels like he has made a connection with someone—and Tabatha feels the same for him.

Donald never dreamed that he could attract a lady as sophisticated and lovely as Tabatha Martin. So, when she expresses her intention to come visit him in Birch River, Donald is hopeful for what it could mean for their future together…if only he can convince her to stay.

The Lonely Sheriff’s Mail Order Bride is a charming romance about fighting for what you want most. Can two people from different worlds ever find happiness together? Or will their differences keep Tabatha and Donald apart?

4 reviews for The Lonely Sheriff’s Mail Order Bride (Birch River Brides, Book 2)

  1. Danny Harr

    This is another good book from Amelia Rose. I liked Tabatha she wanted to choose her own life and marry who she wanted to. Donald was a sheriff and sent for a Mail Order Bride. I thought Tabatha was a nice caring person. I didn’t like Donald
    I thought he took his job to serious and didn’t deserve her. Or I guess he just needed to get his priorities straight. Gina Dobbs did an excellent job narrating this book. I received a copy of this book from audiobooks unleashed but that has no influence on my review.

  2. Benita Dilley

    A clean, warm fun book wherein an East coast ladies maid begins a life changing relationship with an injured Montana lawman.

  3. Benita Dilley

    Ignore review above. Amelia Rose, the author, has many VERY similar books with similar titles. This is the correct review.

    Book 2 of Amelia Rose’s Birch River series tells us the story of the local sheriff whose mail order bride, who runs away from her father forcing her into a marriage that is more wealthy company merger than new loving family relationship.

  4. Misty

    This author does something I love besides writing a great story. She lists the characters at the beginning of the book and shows the date at the beginning of the chapters. Love it. This story was a continuation of the Birch River series. I loved the characters and the storyline of this book. I look forward to reading more from this author and this series.

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