The Last Vampire: Book Three

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I never thought I’d see home again.

Now, I almost wish I hadn’t.

After giving myself up to the Fae, I expected to become the latest casualty of a war that should have ended centuries ago. Instead, I ended up inextricably bound to the last vampire on earth.

My life since the Fae marked me has become unrecognizable. Inside, I’m still the 26-year-old waitress who struggled with working two jobs while being serially dumped by a parade of disgruntled boyfriends. Now, I’ve somehow become a figurehead, coveted, and despised in equal measure by two warring supernatural races.

Can I trust the fragile bond connecting my heart to the unbeating heart of a vampire? Every instinct I possess tells me to pull back…protect myself…protect him. But every time I try to run away, I end up back in his arms.

Alliances are shifting. Old resentments are flaring. Both my father and I are now chess pieces in someone else’s grand strategy.

No more. I’m done with being a pawn.

It’s time to up my game.

The Last Vampire is a steamy new urban fantasy romance series from USA Today bestseller R. A. Steffan and Jaelynn Woolf, co-authors of the Circle of Blood saga.

Download this book today, and enter a world shared by humans, fae, demons, and one very reluctant vampire. It’s a place where the supernatural threatens the mundane, nothing is as it seems, and love will either be the world’s downfall – or its salvation.

1 review for The Last Vampire: Book Three

  1. FSMeurinne

    Audiobook narrated by Gwendolyn Druyor, as the rest of the series, definitely liked the job she did a bit slow on times but like her voice changes. Edition was done well. As for the story, it’s a paranormal romance, with lots of different characters and action that kept me hearing. There is a lot in the story so I am sure you will enjoy them all as I did, this time we get Zorah.

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