The Last of Kel’Thara


Kaysa enjoys a carefree life within the cozy village of Quenthell. She knows nothing of the world of Kel’Thara, or the great life tree Tharador, save for stories and legends told by the village elders. Born in peace and plenty, the young elf has no desire to see more than what the next day brings. Yet, soon, chance and circumstance will shatter Kaysa’s world forever, and with it all she knows and loves. 

For Kaysa’s entire life has been forged upon a great and terrible lie. As the truth is revealed, Kaysa’s world comes crashing in as the reality of the outside world presses upon Quenthell with the promise of peril and doom. 

Intertwined with Kel’Thara’s fate, Kaysa and her friends are thrust into an impossible quest to restore order before all is truly lost. With unknown dangers ahead and a mad king’s army at her heels, Kaysa will be forced to press into an unknown, dangerous landscape in hopes of rekindling the life and will of Kel’Thara. For even she knows that, win or lose, the price of such a quest is death.


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