The Last Lesson

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A brutalized student. A gang-infested school. A vengeful teacher. 

After his star pupil, Rina Ogawa, is sexually assaulted in a school restroom, Edward Clifford sets out on a journey to find the truth and bring her attackers to justice. He finds himself delving head-first into the lives of his other students – lives filled with crime, violence, and hatred. What starts as a desperate attempt to achieve justice quickly sends Edward down the path of vengeance…. 

Who attacked Rina Ogawa? Can Edward bring her attackers to justice? Or will he take matters into his own hands? 

From the provocative author of The Law of Retaliation and Grandfather’s House, Jon Athan brings you a shocking thriller packed with mystery, suspense, and extreme violence. This is a story of human horror. 

Warning: This novel contains graphic content. Listener discretion is advised.


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