The Kingdom Rises: Station Cores, Book Four

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The Fortress that the Station Core had constructed was completely destroyed following a particularly brutal attack by superior forces – but they had won, albeit by the skin of their teeth. Fortunately, using his drones and multiple Molecular Converters to clean up the rubble, Milton was able to piece together everyone who had fallen under the Bearillas’ assault.

Unfortunately, the force that had attacked him on his home turf was only a very small portion of those heading inevitably closer to the Kingdom’s border. After the beating that they had just taken, Milton, Rosewyn, Moxwell, Brint, Whisp, and the rest of the Guardian Guild knew that even with access to the Station Core’s dungeon, they wouldn’t be able to save the entire Kingdom all by themselves.

Therefore, they must do all they can to delay the northern army of Bearillas and Quizards, knowing all the while that time was not on their side. Meanwhile, other plans are hatched to bend the citizenry to their cause; however, Milton and the others are not the only ones devising plans – the Cordpower Company still has it out for the Guild.

But will their efforts be enough to save everyone? Only the brave actions of the Proctans – and Milton’s Combat Units, of course – will determine that, as various plans come to fruition as The Kingdom Rises.

Contains LitRPG and GameLit elements such as level progression and experience, optional tables, no harems, and a heavy Dungeon Core emphasis.

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2 reviews for The Kingdom Rises: Station Cores, Book Four

  1. David S

    Excellent book. I can’t wait for the next installment!

  2. Phillip

    I received a free review copy.

    I enjoyed this book even more than book 3. If you liked the first 3 books in the series, I recommend reading this one too. There are some surprises in store with interesting strategies being employed.

    In this book, Milton works to help his friends level up, gain new abilities, improve his core and stats, and must deal with the planned attack by the bearzillas against the kingdom as well as the machinations of the cord power company.

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