The Keys To Knowledge ABC Rhymes for Toddlers

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Take your child on an adventure to magical and colorful places where they will meet fun animals and beautiful characters while learning ABCs, reading and numbers!

We searched across the galaxy for the most vibrant colors, inspired by coral reefs and exotic birds that will spark your child’s imagination and make learning an easy, engaging and fun experience!

The rhymes introduce children to the letters of the English alphabet and useful words. Some of the rhymes are part-prompts that ask children to use their new knowledge.

Here is an example of how we learn the letter O:

“Os are for

Oranges and

Onions too,

They both Keep

Our Health as

Good as New!”

You will find this colorful rhyme to be next to a depiction of an Octopus juggling oranges and onions while balancing on a unicycle underwater.

Great as a bedtime story and as a daytime or morning activity – a book they will love to read and learn from every time!

Beautiful Illustrations present amazing opportunities to practice counting numbers, naming colors, animals and shapes, as well as using verbs, adjectives and prepositions. Some illustrations have numbers on a variety of objects to facilitate counting and help your kid learn and memorize new material faster!

In the U.S. use “See Inside” feature for more examples of rhymes and illustrations!

Suitable for girls and boys ages 2-8 – Toddlers, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Pre-School or anyone learning to read, write and count!

Perfect size to fit in a small backpack – 8.5″x8.5″.

Popular as a gift idea for toddlers and kids.

Great as a Christmas present or a Birthday gift!


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