The Key to Survival (A Zombie Apocalypse Love Story Novella)

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After finding her fiancé in a compromising position, Jane heads to a private island resort in Key West to clear her head. There she meets Austin – six years younger than she is and the exact opposite of her fiancé in every way – he seems like the perfect prescription to cure her heartbreak. But everything changes when the virus that had previously only been a minor nuisance morphs into a full-blown epidemic. Three miles from the mainland and surrounded by ocean, Austin and Jane believe they’re safe from what’s happening in the world, but a virus knows no borders, and it isn’t long before other guests start coming down with the illness.

Zombie isn’t a word that anyone likes to throw around, but it’s the only explanation the couple can think of when one of the other hotel guests tries to eat Austin’s face off. As things go from bad to worse and Jane leans on Austin more and more, she soon finds herself wondering if her little trip to Florida wasn’t just the key to her survival, but also the key to finding a man who will love her the way she deserves.

3 reviews for The Key to Survival (A Zombie Apocalypse Love Story Novella)

  1. M Phelps

    This was my first zombie type listen. A huge fan of TWD, this was a good quick listen. I think so of the folks got what they deserves except maybe one person. I love the steam between Jane and Austin. The story was exciting and I enjoyed it. Narrator did a great job.
    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

  2. Shan MC

    Fun, quick, zombie romance read. Jane finds her fiancé cheating a week before their wedding, so she rushes off alone to her honeymoon on an island and doesn’t communicate with anyone back home for weeks. She’s in a booze haze, when the news starts reporting more and more mysterious deaths. Turns out zombies are on the loose! Luckily, there’s a hot, slightly younger guy that she connects with, but there’s also still the cheater ex-fiancé who she was with for 11 years, so Jane is unsure about what she wants for her life. Austin was a good guy to be stranded with during a zombie apocalypse; some sweet and sexy times. For the most part, the story is entertaining and I liked the characters. The ending is okay, but as with other Mary books, I would’ve liked more to the ending. This series is fun because the reader gets a glimpse into how different characters contend with the zombies. I’ve enjoyed each book I’ve read in this series so far.

    I listened to this story on Audible. The narrator did a good job; she fit the characters well.

  3. RJ

    A short novella from Kate on finding oneself all over again. In the opening chapters of a virus-inspired apocalypse, Jane discovers that her eleven-year relationship with her fiancé is over. Utilizing the prepared honeymoon tickets, she heads out to the private island resort in Key West to recover. Here she meets Austin, a younger man, good looking, and excellent company. The virus on the mainland is out of control with the death toll mounting. Many visitors on the island paradise flee back to the mainland in panic. Jane and Austin form a bond of friendship and survival as the virus crosses the waters, making itself known on the island. This is a story of two strangers coming together in a crisis, depending on each other for survival. Will there be time or even the opportunity for love? Another great story! I look forward to the rest of the series. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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