The Kalarthri

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Taken from her home. Owned by the State. Paired with a monster.

An accident of birth…

Every ten years the Imperium Provosts travel the provinces of the Great Suene Empire and take every second born child as the property of the Emperor. His due for their continued protection.

Kalena, taken from her family and friends finds herself alone and scared in the imperial Stronghold of Darkon. And when she cries out to the darkness for help, Kalena is shocked when it answers her back.

1 review for The Kalarthri

  1. Panagiotis Argyrou

    I received this title for free in exchange for an unbiased review.

    Narration 8.5/10
    The narration is ok, nothing wrong with it, nothing exceptional either, just speed it up a bit.

    Story 7.5/10
    I’ll just rate this as kids books when it comes to the story because for me that’s what it is. The story follows a young girl, Kalena, from the Kalarthri race, who was taken from her family and bound to a boy from the race of Hatar a large birdlike beast, whom she can mindspeak with. Apparently she is more skilled than the other kids, being able to hear every’s thoughts while also 5 years younger. The story is pretty linear, easy going and as I mentioned targeted to a younger audience.
    What turned out to be really annoying for me was the bad editing and the immense overuse of the protagonist’s name, Kalena, eg(not a part of the book, just demonstrating): “Kalena woke up. Kalena stood up. Kalena thought where to go next. Kalena picked up here bag. Kalena then stepped outside…….” while it can be “Kalena woke up, stood up, thought where to go next and picked up her bad. She then stepped outside….” I could swear that after listening to this book Kalena is now the name I’ve heard the most times in my life …..

    Overall it’s an ok pleasant Audiobook that I’d recommend for young ages.

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