The Incredible Power of Inspiration: Creating the Life You Yearn For

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Many of us wait for a clear signal that our lifestyles are causing us harm. Whether it’s a diagnosis that strikes out of the blue or a bad relationship that reaches a tipping point, the message is clear: It’s time to change our lives. We need to form new habits that promote our physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. But how do we make room for change when we barely have the time or energy to get through the day?

In The Incredible Power of Inspiration, author and motivational speaker Jenifer Zetlan helps you look at the story of your life, first from the outside in – from your circumstances to your feelings and then from the inside out – from your dreams into the world.

Zetlan’s revolutionary, holistic approach to body, mind, and spirit helps you deconstruct unhealthy habits and design healthier, more vibrant lives. Zetlan guides you on a journey through your own life, recasting your past, present, and future in order to reconnect with your deepest inspiration and your most joyful feelings. With this powerful method, you can inspire your own character, rewrite your story, and enable yourself to live the life you deserve.

“The renowned inspirational speaker offers “smart, soulful, and deep wisdom” on how to rewrite your own story and live into your fullest potential.” (Louise Baxter Harmon, author of Happiness A-Z)

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