The Imagined Homecoming of Icarus Isakov

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“A surreal quest through a magical land of memory” ~ Windy City Reviews

A homecoming tale unlike any other, The Imagined Homecoming of Icarus Isakov recounts the fantastical return home of goblin anti-hero and puckish narrator, Icarus Isakov.

When Icarus receives a mysterious letter from the long-lost girl next door, he returns to the ghost town of his childhood in search of her. Icarus lodges at a mystical tavern, one serving memories instead of drinks. There, imbibing the past and exploring the present, Icarus is swept up on a wonderfully strange adventure, taking him from the depths of wish-filled seas to the highest of dream castle ramparts. Along the way, Icarus faces old demons with help from a curious cast of characters, including a forgetful faun, a drunken elf, and a chance mermaid. It will take all of them to find the girl next door, and to rediscovery home.

From Fairytale Chicago author Steve Wiley comes another hilarious and thought-provoking ride through nostalgia, memory, and the fantasy of youth. Icarus’s playful narration style makes the pages fly, and the magical tavern makes a stunning backdrop for this surreal odyssey.


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