The Hunt for the Holy Grail

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Mark Lockheed is an archaeologist. It’s supposed to be an exciting job, only, he works for the government and it just isn’t like the movies. He spends his days anonymous among a sea of suits.

All of that is about to change…. A lifelong obsession and a string of eccentric billionaires throw him into a globetrotting adventure that brings him closer to the love of his life, and could change the face of the entire world forever.

1 review for The Hunt for the Holy Grail

  1. Julie Howard

    This is a different book for me, I like cozy mysteries with the exception of Matthew Reilly (I love his books) and thought from the picture and the blurb that I had found a similar writer in this book.I did enjoy this story but it left me feeling well okay then what was that all about? The story jumps from character to character, different locations and even time, there was a few flashbacks/memories to explain why the character acted the way they did. So you had to concentrate to keep ever thing straight, there was a lot of characters. There was plenty of action and a love interest, as well as bad guys to keep it interesting. Anyway I am off to start book two to see how things develop.
    Mark Lockheed is an archaeologist but not like Indiana Jones. He doesn’t get to wear the cool hat, carry a whip and always get the girl. In fact he is a geeky guy that works for the government in a windowless office, where his colleagues don’t like him. That is until he gets kidnapped and then starts a quest that will change his life forever.Three different powerful men are looking for the holy grail and they are want Mark to find it for them and so ensures a game if cat and mouse to be the first to find it.
    I was humming and hawing whether or not to give this book a go, I was undecided but as soon as I saw Mikael Naramore was the narrator I jumped at the chance. He is one of my favourite Narrators and makes a good book great every time.

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