The Human Aura: Astral Colors and Thought Forms


The human aura is the subtle, invisible emanation radiating from every individual. An ethereal radiation. The egg-shaped human nebula. Psychic atmosphere sensed by everyone but seen by few. The clairvoyant vision. The phosphorescent flame and luminous cloud. The colors in the aura and what they mean. Effect of mental states, emotion, and passion upon its aura. 

The human aura is a very important and interesting phase of every personality, and in this audiobook, we discuss how to access and implement knowledge of the human aura in a practical way to enhance everyday life experiences.  

Among other topics, we will cover the prana aura, health magnetism, magnetic healing, astral colors and their corresponding mental and emotional states, the secondary colors, the aura kaleidoscope, thought forms, the psychic influence of color, auric magnetism, instruction on developing the aura, the protective aura, and the auric circle of protection or the great auric circle.


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