The Hotelier’s Mail Order Widow (Iron Creek Brides, #9)

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You can set out on one path in life, but there is no telling where you’ll end up when love is involved.

Jonny Cable isn’t like his twin brother.

Andy might have chosen to settle down and marry, but Jonny has a duty to fulfill in the army.

It shouldn’t matter that he sometimes yearns for a different life—one where he can stay in one place and make a simple living running a hotel.

Or that he should long for companionship like his brother has with his own lovely wife.

These things shouldn’t matter. Not compared to his duty as a soldier.

Yet somehow, Jonny is beginning to realize that they do.

So, when his life takes an unexpected turn, Jonny decides to make the best of his situation and advertise for a mail-order bride for himself.

Since the untimely death of her husband, Cassandra Burton is doing her best to raise her young son alone.

She has found employment as an apprentice milliner, determined to earn a living despite how unhappy she is at the position.

But then she hears her colleagues mention finding a husband through matrimonial adverts in the paper—and finds Jonny’s placement for a mail-order bride.

There is no question that Jonny’s letters have Cassie intrigued, and hope begins to bloom that this might be the start of a new chapter for them all.

Yet life is often unpredictable, and it’s a long road to reach Jonny in Iron Creek.

Who knows what might be waiting for her along the way….

The Hotelier’s Mail Order Widow is a captivating journey of trust and taking chances on true love. Will Cassie and Jonny find their way to each other? Or is this one journey to Iron Creek that won’t be ending at the altar?

2 reviews for The Hotelier’s Mail Order Widow (Iron Creek Brides, #9)

  1. Danny Harr

    This is another good book in this series. The way Johnny and Cassandra met was a little different. I thought Cassandra was ungrateful and didn’t deserve the way everyone was being so nice to her. She should of been thankful the very minute he saved her from the kidnappers. It was a good book and had a good storyline. Gina Dobbs did an excellent job narrating this book and series. I received a copy of this book from audiobooks unleashed. If my review is any help will you please click on the helpful link below. Thank you.

  2. Misty

    I had been looking forward to Jonny’s book since I read about his twin. The heroine this author creates is awesome. The complex storyline was great! I loved the friend aspect as well. The deep emotions involved in this story really pulled it all together. A wonderful book

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