The Horrors of Redemption


“Are you sure you can make it all the way through? You weren’t exactly very happy to be alive five minutes ago.” 

After surviving an attempt to end his life, Spencer is determined to make it through whatever horrors await him to get what he wants. Lead by a guide he’s not sure he can completely trust, Spencer will have to put his faith in the unknown and hope that he’s strong enough to see the end of his journey. Facing off against things that the human mind can’t possibly comprehend, a man with nothing to lose will learn the true meaning of regret, remorse, and recovery. 

“It’s not about trusting me; it’s about how badly you want to make amends for your actions.”  

Choosing to live long enough to right his wrongs, Spencer has decided to embark on a quest through the unknown. Although his one true goal is simple, it’s ultimately the hardest thing he’s ever attempted to achieve: redemption.


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