The Hopeful Mail-Order Bride’s Destiny (Daisy Creek Brides, Book 3)

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When all else fails, move west and become a mail order bride.

After an unfortunate scandal robs her of all decent standing in society, Daphne can see no better alternative for her future than to go against her family’s wishes and become a mail order bride. That is, until she receives a letter from her betrothed’s younger brother, saying that her husband-to-be, Dallas, has skipped town with another woman. 

As her hopes of starting over as a married woman begin to collapse, Daphne decides that her only option is to go through with her plan to move west to the small, remote township of Daisy Creek. It is there she meets Parker, a local saloon owner and her runaway-groom’s younger brother, who was left to clean up his older sibling’s mess.

Daphne is immediately drawn to the tall, handsome westerner, and after seeing the pressure Parker is under, struggling to support his family’s ranch whilst keeping his saloon afloat, Daphne sees her opportunity to repay the kindness he has shown her since her arrival to Daisy Creek. Daphne agrees to help Parker at his saloon as he focuses on tracking down his absconding older brother. But when Parker finally manages to track Dallas down, will Daphne still want to marry him? Or will her feelings for his steadfast (and handsome) younger sibling, tempt her to choose the other brother?

The Hopeful Mail Order Bride’s Destiny is an uplifting story of love set in the romantic days of the old west. As Daphne and Parker work together to overcome the many hardships thrust upon them, is it possible for two people from different worlds to find love and happiness with each other?To lose yourself in this story of real love, scroll up and click “buy now” right now. When you work for love, love works for you.

3 reviews for The Hopeful Mail-Order Bride’s Destiny (Daisy Creek Brides, Book 3)

  1. Misty

    Another great book by Amelia Rose. I loved this story. I thought it was unique and well thought out.

  2. Jocelyne

    This is the third book in the Daisy Creek Brides Series, a Mail-Order Bride Romance. Parker and Daphne’s story is beautifully written, sweet, clean, and heartwarming. The characters are well developed. The story has a little suspense, and some twists and turns. Gina Dobbs did a good job with the narration. I like this Series!

  3. Danny Harr

    This is another great book in this Daisy Creek series. Daphne comes to Daisy creek to start a new life and has to learn a new way of life. She was suppose to marry Dallas but he ran off so she starts learning life on her on. Dallas’s brother Parker was the opposite of Dallas. He shows Daphne support. This is definitely a five star book. Gina Dobbs does a great job narrating this book. I was giving a copy of this book from audiobooks unleashed but that has no influence on my review.

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