The Holybrooke Curse

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It was a ghastly horror of a house party. Miss Penelope Childe and all the others were awaiting the end of the wicked earl’s rotten life. The disinherited son, the new heir, the illegitimate son – all of them are there. Murder is done. The centuries-old curse has struck again. Penelope alone heard the supernatural scream and sees the ghosts that no one else can. Penelope is a reluctant bride-to-be, contracted to wed a man she’s never met before. She intensely dislikes her betrothed, the rakish Lord Taredell. With a murderer in the haunted house, dare she trust the rogue lord? Is Lord Taredell really her protector? Is he the murderer?

This is a stand-alone Gothic Regency Romance in the Regency Tales series.

1 review for The Holybrooke Curse

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    A scream heard by someone, then ghosts and a murder. It sounds beyond astonishing, yet it appears as though within the household have come to experience the significance of these events.p

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