The Hollow

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Teen prodigy Carol has always known she was different from the other kids, but when her talents turn supernatural; her life takes a disastrous turn.

Despite her over achievements, Carol struggles with a neurosis she calls “The Hollow”. Though she believes the hollow is her private cross to bear, there is a sneaking suspicion that she is being watched, studied from the shadows.

Fear sends her fleeing from her childhood home, leaving behind her one true love, Matthew. Running is only a distraction. The hollow continues to grow, and with it comes supernatural abilities, and dangerous, uncontrollable impulses to use them. The ensuing bloodshed sends her running back to Matthew.

There is someone watching Carol, having her followed, recording all her actions, her words, her abilities. Mr. Fredericks hungers for Carol’s powers and will stop at nothing to get them.

Unbearable truth emerges; Carol discovers she has been an experiment from birth. She must gain control of the hollow before the doorways to darker paths open. It’s time for Carol to rise above her fears and reclaim her life once and for all.

2 reviews for The Hollow

  1. Mia Harper

    This was a very sweet YA paranormal romance, with a dark twist. Teen prodigy Carol loves Matthew, has always loved him, he is her anchor, she knows in the way she knows a lot of things, the way she ‘feels’ things, sne doesn’t know how, she calls it the ‘hollow’. Carol finds out she’s been betrayed by her parents, she’s in danger and being watched. I found mr. Fredericks to be a dark and twisted character, he gave me the chills the lengths he was willing to go to any lengths to get what he wants, Carol’s power. I really enjoyed the romance between Carol and Matthew, it was so sweet, he was her rock. I feel that the book didn’t keep the same pace, that it lost momentum, but I still enjoyed it, the narrator Anna Grace Conover had a nice voice, very pleasant to listen to.

  2. Melanie Wright

    What is going on with Carol? The book peeked my curiosity with that question, and took me on a journey of twists and turns and kept me guessing until the heart pounding conclusion. Romance, betrayal, suspense, and science fiction all rolled into a fascinating psychological thriller. I would love to give this book five stars, but the sound quality isn’t great and it kept me from being able to enjoy the book to its fullest.

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