The Grumpy Fairy

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My name is Drusinella, and I’m a fairy.
Everyone has hobby. Mine is turning Princes into frogs.
I know what you’re thinking. “But you’re a fairy! Fairies are supposed to grant wishes, and spread happiness!”
Boo. Happiness is for Princesses.
I was banished from Fairyland for my obscure hobby, so you’ll imagine my surprise when I received an invitation to a fairy party from my old acquaintance, Soflee!
My only friend, Alfrigg the bird, flew me back home, which ended in absolute disaster when I found out the Fairy Queen had no intention of letting me come back home unless I give up my frog hobby (like THAT will happen!).
To make matters worse, a stupid princess saved my life, so now I have to grant her deepest wish, which is, of course, true love (ugh, that is so gross).
This has to be the lamest adventure EVER.
Ever so Sarcastically and Sincerely,

2 reviews for The Grumpy Fairy

  1. Tina G.

    The Grumpy Fairy (A Grumpy Fairy Tale, Book 1) by Elizabeth Dunlap and narrated by Sophie Stone is an OK listen. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. Kind of wish there was a different narrator (sorry Sophie)- sounded old lady-like vs. a young fairy (book is for teens). The summary is pretty accurate but I felt it was more along the lines of an angry, disgruntled fairy who hates everyone but Alfred (her bird). Maybe this one just isn’t for me?

  2. Tera Comer

    Such a cute and funny story about a jaded fairy that turns princes and sometimes regular men into frogs with no way of breaking the curse all because they demand that ” Fairies are supposed to grant wishes, and spread happiness”. The narrator does a wonderful job

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