The Grumpy Fairy


My name is Drusinella, and I’m a fairy.
Everyone has hobby. Mine is turning Princes into frogs.
I know what you’re thinking. “But you’re a fairy! Fairies are supposed to grant wishes, and spread happiness!”
Boo. Happiness is for Princesses.
I was banished from Fairyland for my obscure hobby, so you’ll imagine my surprise when I received an invitation to a fairy party from my old acquaintance, Soflee!
My only friend, Alfrigg the bird, flew me back home, which ended in absolute disaster when I found out the Fairy Queen had no intention of letting me come back home unless I give up my frog hobby (like THAT will happen!).
To make matters worse, a stupid princess saved my life, so now I have to grant her deepest wish, which is, of course, true love (ugh, that is so gross).
This has to be the lamest adventure EVER.
Ever so Sarcastically and Sincerely,


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