The Grand Librarian: The Future Wizards


“Merlin is a threat to our way of life with his noble posturing,” Magnus said to his disciples. “He must not be allowed to ruin future wizards with his nobility.”

After the events of the Hangman Returns, Alexander and Emma Merryweather have returned home to Chicago in hopes of living a normal life and raising their twin babies, Octavia and Octus. But the wizard Merlin arrives in Alexander’s dream and informs him of a threat to his twins in the future. The powerful wizard group, the Ignem Aeternum (the Eternal Flame), have resurfaced after centuries because they sense the twin’s power in the year 2035. Their leader, Magnus Farrot, is determined to recruit the twins as their powers have begun to manifest. Merlin helps Alexander travel to the future to save his children.

When Alexander arrives in 2035, he quickly realizes that things have changed. The government has created a task force to hunt down unregistered supernatural beings. In addition to the Eternal Flame, a rogue wizard named Caspa Dinh has emerged with a mission to destroy all wizards, leaving himself as the only wizard alive. Because of the consequences of time travel, Alexander must quickly try to appeal to his magical twins. He hopes to convince one to take over the mantle as the next Grand Librarian. However, Alexander his haunted by his past of having to destroy his evil first daughter, also named Octavia. So, he begins to favor the new Octavia, which angers his son Octus. Now Alexander faces the possibility of losing Octus to the Eternal Flame. With several storylines in play, The Grand Librarian: The Future Wizards continues the wild ride that the Hangman Universe (HMU) started. So, strap in, and enjoy! 


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