The Gospel of Judas The Man, His History, His Story

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No discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls has rocked the Christian world like that of the newly translated Gospel of Judas. The story presented in the short but powerful text reveals a plan in which heavenly ends justified monstrous means. Betrayal became collaboration and murder resembled suicide as Jesus and Judas began a macabre dance into eternity.

Orthodox Christianity has its doctrine, its canon, and its political story, but these are quite different from those exposed in the Gospel of Judas. Imagine Judas, the man all of Christendom has hated for 2,000 years, now portrayed as the chosen one, the martyr, the scapegoat, and the man instructed and appointed by Jesus himself to orchestrate and carry out the greatest treachery of all time.

Come with us as we explore the Gospel of Judas. We will attempt to fill the gaps in the text and the theology. We will compare and contrast the Gospel of Judas with the biblical accounts. We will examine the man, his history, and his story.


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