The Golden Angel Boy

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On a dark day an artist seeks refuge in an art museum where he is transfixed by a beautiful and mysterious young man staying a painting. There is a golden glimmer about him that mesmerizes the artist; even more fascinating are the angelic wings sprouting from his shoulders, as wondrous as they are, no one else seems to see them. 

The two men start a casual conversation and proceed out into the city. Their friendly stroll leads the handsome pair of unique strangers to the artist’s studio, and into temptations of love and desire.

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1 review for The Golden Angel Boy

  1. JoAnn Thompson

    There’s not a real story behind this erotic rambling of a sexual encounter with an angel. Unfortunately, I was bored throughout and kept wondering when this story would finally end. This story is narrated by the author…his “expressiveness” in tonal variations gave me the impression of someone trying too hard to make a story come to life—which was a failure. Maybe the next book in this series will be better as the snippet included at the end of this story was intriguing…but not enough to make me want to listen to it…

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