The Golden Angel Boy

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Ever thought an angel could fall in love? Or that you could love an angel? That’s what happened to me!

On a dark day, an artist seeks refuge in an art museum where he is transfixed by a beautiful and mysterious young man staring at a painting. There is a golden glimmer about him that mesmerizes the artist, even more fascinating are the angelic wings sprouting from his shoulders, as wondrous as they are, no one else seems to see them. 

The two men start a casual conversation and proceed out into the city. Their friendly stroll leads the handsome pair of unique strangers to the artist’s studio, and into temptations of love and desire.

1 review for The Golden Angel Boy

  1. Sanji Kin

    Plot: The blurb literally says it all. Interesting writing-style where the story starts off with an artistic flair, generous scenic descriptions and purple prose and then changes mid-way to graphically detailed erotica.
    Feels: Unexpectedly, a good little diversion when dealing with ‘book hangover’
    Drama: None
    Heat: 2/5
    Characters: confused MC who thinks he’s hallucinating and a horny celestial being
    Pacing: ok
    Length: mini
    Ending: HFN…there’s a reference to book two, which doesn’t seem to be available right now
    Performance: Clear, solid narration

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